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I am a textile artist specializing in woven goods and natural dyeing. I obtained a BFA in Fiber from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, USA. I have worked in design, product development and creative direction for small non-profits and social enterprises like Anchal Project, Mercado Global and Enrou. I have had the privilege of working with communities from multiple countries such as Colombia, Guatemala, USA and Mozambique.

Originally from Colombia, I grew to admire and care for my natural and cultural environment, subjects that have always inspired my work. Artisanal heritage, sustainability and human rights have always been at the center of why I create and with whom I partner to do it. I believe that communities that have sustained themselves through craft practices many centuries ago, should be given the tools and resources to keep on doing so in the 21st century. I believe that more sustainable production practices that implement a circular economy are essential in the textile industry.

My creative process has always evolved around making as research. Manipulating materials and processes to research a better way of making textiles. My goal as a creator in the textile medium is to use materials, tools and techniques in ways to answer environmental and social issues. To collaborate with the local landscape and people to create an experience of making, innovating and preserving the craft of textiles. Anything I create should leave a positive imprint in this planet, never a destructive one.