Natural Dyeing with Dyescape

Natural Dyeing Research

Summer 2016

I was part of a summer internship with the non-profit Anchal Project. Their mission is to partner with NGOs in India to provide sustainable jobs to women who have been affected by the commercial sex industry. Dyescape is Anchal’s local initiative to develop a network of urban gardens in the city of Louisville KY to boost the production of locally grown, dyed and made textiles in the city.

All of these products will be crafted by women in Louisville that come from similar abusive backgrounds. As part of my internship, I was able to research the most non-toxic methods to dye with local plants. We developed a sample book by the end of the internship with all the recipes, plants, and  fabric swatches for the women to follow when making the products. As part of my production design internship, I was fully involved in the prototyping process for multiple of their items, including a hand-dyed indigo apron, showcased in the gallery.

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