Susurros, Thesis work


Susurros / Whispers

I am interested in the structure of a skeleton and a skin, the relationship between soft and hard, light and heavy, compression and expansion. As an artist I hope to track down accumulation of material, to arrive to its source, understand its expansion and experience its growth. I wish to understand the relationship between object and space by discovering the force, the pull, push or action happening through thoughtful accumulation and distribution of material. I am interested in working in the miniature to understand the monumental. I am investigating  ways in which texture, color and scale are found in natural organisms, and how those translate into the fiber medium through the manipulation of a surface. Whether that takes the form of knit, woven, pleated or dyed structures, I look to understanding the language of each material.

I am currently working a Through exploring dye methods of shibori, I am investigating the way a fabric or skin can be manipulated to obtain a three-dimensionality, a body. By focusing in the slow process of hand stitching I am creating a meditative experience that allows me to be present in the act of making. By investigating natural dyes, their cultural and environmental content has been influencing the way I think about fiber as a natural process and our human connection to organic form and material. As an artist working with a medium which is so historically rooted in cultural and ecological traditions, I am hoping to respond to themes of labor in craft and the role of sustainable processes of making as social responsability.


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